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 Death Worship - (2 integrantes de Blasphemy)

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Reverend Tyrant


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MensajeTema: Death Worship - (2 integrantes de Blasphemy)   Lun 15 Abr 2013, 13:53

With a total disregard for human life; behold: DEATH WORSHIP
Invoked by the 'Deathlord of Abomination and War Apocalypse' (R. Förster ~ CONQUEROR ~ BLASPHEMY) on Guitars under the Watchful Eyes of the 'Nocturnal Grave Desecrater and Black Winds' (BLASPHEMY) on Vocals; DEATH WORSHIP invokes Extremist Black Metal in the Chaotic Ross Bay Tradition with no alien influences. Writing and Rehearsal Rituals have taken place over the last several months in preparation for the first studio recording by either of these Black Metal Skinheads in many years. DEATH WORSHIP will be utilizing the Inhuman Hammering of Session Drummer J.Read (REVENGE ~ CONQUEROR) for the recording. Musically, expect only the Darkness, Hatred and Unrelenting Satanic Chaos that the Ross Bay Cult is known for. DEATH WORSHIP will be locked in the infamous Fiasco Brothers Studios (New Westminster, BC, Canada) During the Month of April Recording their Debut Mini-LP/CD to be Unleashed by Nuclear War Now! Productions (USA) www.nwnprod.com later in 2013ce.

Line Up:
Deathlord of Abomination and War Apocalypse ~ AxeViolence
Nocturnal Grave Desecrater and Black Winds ~ WarCommands
J. Read ~Session DoomHammers

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Death Worship - (2 integrantes de Blasphemy)
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