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 El último tema METAL de BURZUM

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MensajeTema: El último tema METAL de BURZUM   Mar 07 Mayo 2013, 22:38

Ahí para los que no sabían, Varg publicó esto en su cuenta de youtube:

"Burzum appeared from nowhere in 1991 with a demo tape made up of a dozen guitars-and-bass-only tracks in rehearsal quality. I made a few more or less successful metal albums, but they all always included at least some ambient music. With time I moved further and further away from metal, and today only the ambient music remains. Today (2013) I think I am done playing metal music for good.

Many of you followed Burzum through the years, some even from the beginning, and I think metal-Burzum deserves a proper "good bye". So, just like I started out I will finish metal-Burzum with a guitars-and-bass-only track in rehearsal quality. "Back to the Shadows" is made up of the last metal riffs I ever made (in 2012). It was never released in any way, or recorded (beyond what you hear here), and it will not either -- beyond this short "video".

Take it for what it is; a sentimental good bye to metal-Burzum.

The music is playing with an image of the 17 year-old me, taken from the time when some of the first Burzum tracks were made. You can see this track as a good bye to that fellow too.

You can use this music as you please privately, but the track is mine, so if you by any chance want to use it commercially you need a permission from me to do so.

NB! Remember that I don't have a Facebook account, so all those claiming to be me there are frauds."
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El último tema METAL de BURZUM
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