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MensajeTema: CAPILLA ARDIENTE / EVANGELIST - 12" MLP   Mar 21 Oct 2014, 10:07

CAPILLA ARDIENTE are no stranger to DOOMENTIA since two of its key
members, Felipe Plaza Kutzbach (vocals) and Claudio Botarro Neira
(bass), are also playing in the mighty PROCESSION, the epic doom metal
kings that worked with the label on several releases in the past. One
could actually say that both bands are quite alike, bred on a severe
diet of classic 80’s metal and CANDLEMASS, the difference being that
PROCESSION is Plaza’s pride and joy, whereas CAPILLA ARDIENTE is first
and foremost Botarro’s baby. And the latter, as he puts it with a
grin, like to “twist things a little bit whenever I get the chance”.
So when they were approached by DOOMENTIA earlier this year about a
possible vinyl only twelve inches split, they came up with an idea to
do a cover of the NWOBHM legends ANGEL WITCH. “Except that unlike all
the other bands who only seem to pick up songs from their classic 1980
self-titled debut, we choose a song from their criminally overlooked
second album from 1985, ‘Screamin’ N’ Bleedin’ instead ah!”. Fear not
though, their version of “Waltz the Night”, recorded right after the
session that spawned their recently released ‘Bravery, Truth and the
Endless Darkness’ album, and with the addition of a second guitar
player to enhance the heavy riffing, makes the CAPILLA ARDIENTE
treatment sounds bleaker and more majestic than ever…

Not ones to be left behind biting the dust, the mysterious Polish
chaps that hide behind the EVANGELIST moniker have decided to pick up
the gauntlet by covering another well known act. Except that infamous
MAYHEM is black-metal at its purest and their ultimate classic, the
bleakest ode to Transylvania ever penned, “Freezing Moon”. But covered
by EVANGELIST, it has been turned into a forlorn classic doom ten
minutes long symphony. You never heard it that way so get ready to be
blown away!

Twisted Evil
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Tänk På Döden


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MensajeTema: Re: CAPILLA ARDIENTE / EVANGELIST - 12" MLP   Mar 21 Oct 2014, 21:10

un cover a Waltz the Night?? a toda raja!!!! Freedom!!!! Freedom!!!!
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