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 POSSESSION - 1585-1646 (EP 2015)

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MensajeTema: POSSESSION - 1585-1646 (EP 2015)   Dom 17 Mayo 2015, 01:07

Belgium’s Possession are moving from strength to hideous strength. They began precociously with their 2013 demo (His Best Deceit), took forward steps with their 2014 EP and have made even more progress with their second EP, 1585-1646. Equal parts morbidly atmospheric and rifftastically raging, it’s an unholy union of black, death, and thrash metal that’s well worth adding to your musical arsenal.
1585-1646 was recorded at Blackout Multimedia in Brussels by Phorgath of Enthroned/Emptiness. The cover art is by Thorncross (Chris Moyen). It will be released internationally on June 6, 2015, with Iron Bonehead handling the vinyl pressing and Invictus Productions releasing the music on CD


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POSSESSION - 1585-1646 (EP 2015)
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