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 Rip Tregenda (Black Witchery)

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MensajeTema: Rip Tregenda (Black Witchery)   Miér 03 Feb 2016, 16:46

According to several reports online, former guitarist of Black Witchery, Steve “Tregenda” Childers, died at the age of 49, yesterday night during a car accident in KS.

Childers performed with Black Witchery from 1997 (when the band was known as Witchery) to 2013 and was the guitarist of death/thrash band Public Assassin. Various reports on Facebook refer to Childers being the fatal victim of a semi vs. van accident in Butler County, KS, Childers being the van driver who died on his way to the hospital from his injuries.

Public Assassin’s drummer Matt Browning said the following on a Facebook post:

Matt Browning escribió:
t is with the heaviest of hearts that I say this. Our beloved brother in arms, Steve Childers has passed on in a vehicle accident last night. We are all in a state of shock and disbelief . Our thoughts are with his family at this time.



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MensajeTema: Re: Rip Tregenda (Black Witchery)   Miér 03 Feb 2016, 18:54

Lamentable!!!! a mi juicio los mejores discos de Black Witchery son justamente aquellos en los que Tregenda estaba al mando de las cuerdas. Mala noticia...
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Rip Tregenda (Black Witchery)
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