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 DEVOTION (Chile) - "Devotion" / Álbum CD / Out Soon!!!

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Fecha de inscripción : 15/02/2017

MensajeTema: DEVOTION (Chile) - "Devotion" / Álbum CD / Out Soon!!!   Miér 15 Feb 2017, 13:39

Devotion (Chile) - "Devotion" / Album CD / March 2017

Limited to 500 copies

One of the most occult & furious hordes born in Santiago, CHILE! DEVOTION plays an aggressive Black Metal
that works amazingly with some of the most extreme Thrash elements.
Let the sounds of pure unholiness swallow your SOUL!

7 Offerings from the DARKENED ABYSS!

Totally a must for maniacs obssessed by the sound of
DISSECTION (swe), Necrophobic (swe), Dark Ages (bel), etc.



http://www.oratoriumrecs.com / oratoriumrecs @ gmail.com

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DEVOTION (Chile) - "Devotion" / Álbum CD / Out Soon!!!
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